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The main challenges regarding the supply chain management are evolving from inadequate planning tools which are incapable of handling exceptions or floating seasonal events. The users are expected to understand and explore the solutions by themselves which results in a naïve operation of the forecasting tools and sub-optimal results. Apart from that, those immature tools fail to take specific business objectives into consideration and are inept to pay attention to cannibalization and life cycles. Planners are expected to control, judge and alter automatic forecasting by relying merely on their experience. Inaccurate forecasting forces planners to invest an unnecessary amount of time sorting stable items from those that require human attention.

The quality of the forecast has a direct impact on all aspects of business operations, such as the supply, - and distribution chains, ‘hands on’ financial control and inventory management.




The deployment of ForecastPlanner can improve the forecast accuracy by at least 20 %. An improvement of accuracy puts budget planning on firm grounds, creates better planning processes leading to Just In Time (JIT) type model, improves manufacturing and, in turn, procurement of raw material.

Forecastplanner™ detects weaknesses and pinpoints the places where decisions need to be made such as investing in marketing and cutting product lines. That allows you to fulfill the demand generated by clients of the unit without being dependent on the supplier of the unit.

Improvement in forecast accuracy does not only reduce stock-out rates, it moreover entails lower stock requirements while further being able to maintain a high level of service and producing less waste.  Lower stock levels reduce the Inventory Carrying Cost (ICC) and lower stock-out rates reduce the penalty of lost Sales.

What is unique about our ForecastPlanner?

Our intelligent algorithm will not only improve your forecast accuracy by more than 20%, ForecastPlanner also exceeds in providing an innovative promotion planning toolbox that will maximize the efficiency for your promotion, holiday and exception planning. Using ForecastPlanner, enables you to keep an ideal stock level, resulting in dramatically reduced out-of-stock and over stock rates. Accurate and efficient forecasting is the key to competitiveness and is a primary high-level metric for the organization's health and wealth.

  • 20 % improved forecasting accuracity

  • We constantly operate in background

  • User-friendly customization

  • Improved Budget Planning and Marketing

  • Pinpoints places that need extra attention

  • Reduces the need for manual interventions

  • Exception and seasonality handeling

  • Reduces stock-our rates

  • Entails lower stock requirements

  • Accurate descision making recommendations

  • Improved maufacturing and procurement of  raw materials



  • Innacurat forecasts

  • Handling exceptions and seasonality

  • Complex mode of operation

  • Considering business objectives 

  • Cannibalization and life cycles

  • Improved planing is leading to JIT

  • Suspisious item detection

  • Expensive implimentation 

  • Manual interventions are required

  • Misjudgement causing a mass of erros

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