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ForecastPlanner™ for


Valuable BI insights will take your business to the next level and allow you to concentrate on the crucial aspects. Plan effective promotions, attain full control over all significant business operations and enhance the planner's productivity by facilitating their work with customized, user-friendly BI reports.

ForecastPlanner™ for


Since the forecasting demands of retailers significantly differ from those of suppliers, we developed two different solutions which are adjusted to meet the specific needs of both.

For retailers, we offer an automatic large-scale forecasting solution including events forecasting, promotional forecasting, life cycle based forecasting and target inventory optimization.






          Retail Value Proposition


•Improvement in forecast accuracy.

• Noise detection & cleansing for the creation of conditioned past and better future baseline.

• Real elasticity tables and promotion planning.

• Fast learning during a new product launch.

• Accurate computation of target stock for multiple scenarios.

• Improvement in availability.

• Reduced rate of stock outs, dead stock and spoilage.

• Reduction in manual labour.

• Better flexibility and quicker reaction to the customers changing behavior.

• Fast detection of exceptions.


Creation Of Target Inventory

• Target inventory is based on the item forecastability and on intelligent detection of past behavior.

• Target inventory is calculated differently for every item/store based on its segment (steady, sporadic, short, seasonal, etc) and on its life status (launch, promoted, phasing out).

• Management of promotion target (how to start and leave a promotion).

• Forecastability and variability of demand and supply govern the safety stock portion of the target inventory.

•A careful past behavior pattern recognition verifies/updates the target inventory.



•Promotional and advertising activities


•Competing promotions

•Clearance promotions

•Global activities

•Market sentiment




Multi Dimension Analysis Of Promotions Influencers

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